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недеља, 07. фебруар 2010.

Amiga 500

igrice Amiga 500

Evo malo o performansama Amige 500 - kompjutera, bez kojeg igrice nikada nebi postale ono sto su danas. Zanimljivo, jedna od najvecih razlika u igricama iz tog vremena je da se programiralo mnogo manje igrica za devojcice u poredjenju sa danas.

The Amiga 500 is the best-selling Amiga computer from Commodore. He was introduced at the CeBit 1987, along with the Amiga 2000 and has performance similar to this one. The target group for the computers were primarily home users with smaller budgets. At the cost of upgrading has been renounced a desktop or tower case and chose instead a design that was similar to that of the Commodore 128. The Amiga 500 was - - loved even more than the Amiga 2000, particularly his time as a gaming machine, as picture and sound quality then the standard PC was clearly superior.
Amiga 500 of 1987
Amiga 500 in Stefanie-Tücking Design

The Amiga 500 has a 7.09 MHz (PAL version) or 7.14 MHz (NTSC version) clocked Motorola 68000 CPU and 512 Kbytes of RAM. This can be expanded by means of two expansion slots and 8 Mbytes to 512 Kbytes, so that a maximum of 9 MB of memory available. In the years 1987 and 1988, the Amiga was delivered to 500 with the Amiga operating system AmigaOS 1.2 (Kickstart), from 1988 this was superseded by the improved and more stable version 1.3.

As with the Amiga 1200 and the C64 to the Amiga 500 will have a special bearing connected with its own power switch power supply, since the Amiga has 500 no power switch.

From 1991 there was the Amiga 500 Plus, a new variant of the Amiga 500 It is equipped with twice as much memory (1 MByte) and with the new Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) instead of the Original Chip Set (OCS), which was the first time, triggering VGA monitors. The Amiga 500 Plus was extradited from the start with KickStart version 2.04. This operating system was indeed technically a huge step forward, but had the disadvantage that many programs which use internal features of the operating system no longer functioned. Were particularly hard hit games. Very soon, therefore, were hardware extensions on the market, made it possible to kickstart between 1.3 and 2.0 go to. The Amiga 500 Plus took place in the Amiga 600 to continue this.

As an interesting interlude, the Amiga 500 was actually the ancestor of all case-modding. He was expelled from Commodore in two trendy designs (Ball-Design, see picture, and leopard design) as a limited edition (10,000 units) for which the then-known TV presenter Stefanie Tücking was obtained as a namesake.

By Besplatne Igrice

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